Solar backup battery front terminal SL12-50 FT


1.Features: AGM separator paper reduces battery internal resistance, prevents micro-short circuit, and prolongs cycle life.

2.Material: ABS battery shell material, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance. High purity material.

3.Technology: The sealed maintenance-free technology makes the battery seal better, without daily maintenance, and the bumpy state prevents liquid leakage.

4.Application field: Telecom system, outdoor backup power supply system, stionary/standby power system, industrial data base system, etc


1. 100% Pre-delivery inspection to ensure stable quality and reliable performance.

2. Pb-Ca grid alloy battery plate,Refined temperature-controlled curing new process.

3. Low internal resistance, good high rate discharge performance.

4. Excellence high-and-low temperature performance, working temperature ranging from -25℃ to 50℃.

5. Design float service life: 5-7 years


Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory.
Main Products: Lead acid batteries, VRLA batteries, Motorcycle batteries, storage batteries, Electronic Bike batteries, Automotive batteries and Lithium batteries.
Year of Establish: 1995.
Management System Certificate: ISO19001, ISO16949.
Location: Xiamen, Fujian.


1. Southeast Asia: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.

2. Africa: South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Egypt, etc.

3. Middle-East: Yemen, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, etc.

4. Latin and South American: Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, etc.

5. Europe: Italy, UK, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, etc.

6. North America: USA, Canada.


Payment Terms: TT, D/P, LC, OA, etc.
Delivery Details: within 30-45 days after order confirmed.

Model Voltage Capacity Intemal Dimensions Terminal Weight Terminal
(V) (Ah) Resistance (mm) Type (kg) Direction
SL12-50FT 12 50 7.5 277*106*221*221 F14 15.5
SL12-75FT 12 75 6.5 562*114*189*189 F14 24.5
SL12-100FT 12 100 5.5 506*110*224*239 F14 31
SL12-100AFT 12 100 5.5 395*110*286*286 F14 31
SL12-110FT 12 110 395*110*286*286 F14 33
SL12-120FT 12 120 5 551*110*239*239 F13 36
SL12-125FT 12 125 4.5 436*108*317*317 F13 37
SL12-150FT 12 150 4.2 551*110*287*287 F13 48.5
SL12-180FT 12 180 4 546*125*317*323 F13 56

Packaging: Kraft brown outer box/Colored boxes.
FOB XIAMEN or other ports.
Lead Time: 20-25 Working Days